Helping the Company Navigate a Challenging Path: Debt Restructuring Success Story

In this article, we delve into the case of a prominent glass manufacturer in Indonesia that faced significant challenges due to a furnace failure and subsequent bankruptcy lawsuit (PKPU). Our firm was appointed as the advisor to guide the company through the PKPU process, develop a viable restructuring plan, rebuild creditor trust, and navigate complex negotiations. Through our expertise and strategic approach, we not only secured court approval for the Restructuring Scheme but also invited an International new investor, ultimately increasing the company's value to approximately USD 70 million. This article highlights the background, issues in the glass manufacturing business, and the successful solutions implemented.

Our client, one of Indonesia's three major glass manufacturers with over 35 years of industry experience, encountered difficulties meeting creditor expectations following the failure of a crucial glass factory furnace. This led to a PKPU lawsuit, involving divergent interests among the owners' family members. As the appointed advisor, our responsibilities included developing the best restructuring plan, acting as a liaison between the company and its creditors, facilitating negotiations, managing unpredictable situations and the dynamics within the family owners.

Understanding the Glass Manufacturing Business
The glass manufacturing business heavily relies on specific machinery and its capacity. Once lit, the machines operate continuously for 24 hours a day over a span of ten years, followed by a six-month overhaul period. After this, a major overhaul is required to replace the entire machine. Given the capital-intensive nature of the industry, with only a few major players, restructuring the business was vital to unlock its significant potential.

The Solution
Taking into account the intricate dynamics of the PKPU process, we leveraged our knowledge and expertise to resolve the company's challenges. Through meticulous business model analysis, we aimed to restore creditor trust and demonstrate the long-term viability of the business. By highlighting the capital-intensive nature of the local glass industry and the scarcity of major players, we convinced the creditors that restructuring was a sustainable solution.

Navigating Complex Negotiations
One of the major challenges we faced was managing the expectations of the three family owners and facilitating an agreement during the restructuring process. Through skillful negotiation techniques and effective communication, we successfully obtained court approval for the Restructuring Scheme, which we had meticulously prepared and submitted. Our approach not only attracted a new investor who aligned with the company's current condition but also increased the company's value to approximately USD 70 million, despite the distress it faced.

Through our strategic guidance and expertise, we helped the glass manufacturer navigate the challenging PKPU process and develop a successful restructuring plan. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, restoring creditor trust, and demonstrating the company's long-term potential, we obtained court approval for the Restructuring Scheme. Additionally, our efforts invited a new International investor who recognized the value and potential of the business, resulting in a substantial increase in the company's value. This case showcases our ability to drive successful debt restructuring and transform distressed businesses into valuable assets.