Achieving Growth and Transformation Through IPO as an Exit Strategy

Protemus Capital, a distinguished boutique advisory firm specializing in exit strategies for business owners in Indonesia, proudly presents a success story highlighting the tremendous potential of utilizing an initial public offering (IPO) as an exit strategy. We successfully guided a founding family through the IPO process, resulting in remarkable growth and transformation. With our expertise in the automotive, financing, and after-sales segments, and a sole Toyota dealership in Central Java and Yogyakarta, this success story epitomizes our unwavering commitment to facilitating successful exit strategies.

As a company founded by two families, our client faced the challenge of one family seeking an exit due to plans for relocation abroad. Despite offering the share portion to the remaining family, arriving at a mutually agreeable valuation proved to be a hurdle. Efforts to involve private equities and pursue joint IPO plans encountered obstacles due to differing expectations. Recognizing the circumstances, an IPO emerged as the optimal exit strategy for the family seeking an exit.

The Solution
Protemus Capital, as a boutique advisory firm, provided comprehensive assistance throughout the IPO process, ensuring a seamless transition for our client. Our team conducted an exhaustive analysis of the company's business structure, financials, and operations, meticulously determining its valuation. Collaborating closely with management, owners, and professionals, we offered expert guidance on internal restructuring, optimizing the business's value. Working hand in hand with the lead underwriter, we developed robust subsidiary models and facilitated a smooth IPO process.

Understanding the Car Dealership Business
The Indonesian car dealership industry is a vibrant and fiercely competitive landscape, characterized by exclusive dealership arrangements and the presence of ATPM (Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merk) entities representing renowned international car manufacturers, particularly from Japan. Protemus Capital's profound understanding of this unique industry allowed us to maximize the potential for our client's business.
Exclusive dealership rights are granted to dealers for specific areas or provinces, granting them exclusivity in selling and servicing particular car brands. This localized market presence offers a significant competitive advantage, fostering strong brand loyalty among consumers. ATPMs, acting as authorized agents, play a pivotal role by partnering with Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Suzuki, facilitating distribution, marketing, and after-sales services in Indonesia. This collaboration ensures consistent quality standards, customer satisfaction, and a tailored market presence that aligns with Indonesian preferences.

By skillfully navigating challenges, including managing family tensions and coordinating with loyal executives tied to the company's first generation, Protemus Capital successfully guided the IPO process for our client. Our efforts enabled the family seeking an exit to achieve their objective while empowering the remaining family to professionalize the company, establish an improved shareholding structure, and enhance business competitiveness. Consequently, achieving the significant milestone of getting listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) exemplifies our commitment to assisting clients in achieving growth and transformation in the dynamic Indonesian automotive industry. At Protemus Capital, we remain dedicated to leveraging our expertise to facilitate successful exit strategies and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market.