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Protemus Capital, your trusted partner in Indonesia and a distinguished member of the Geneva Capital Group (GCG). As a leading force in the global network of M&A Advisory, Investment Banking, and Corporate Finance firms, GCG plays a pivotal role in supporting companies and business owners across diverse countries and industries. Nestled in the vibrant financial landscape of Indonesia, Protemus Capital stands as a proud member of this influential alliance.

GCG | Geneva Capital Group

GCG operates as the Corporate Finance/M&A unit of GGI Geneva Group International and as a global network specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Investment Banking. The network is dedicated to supporting companies and entrepreneurs worldwide in critical decision-making processes related to M&A, corporate finance, strategy, succession planning, and international expansion. GCG, a vital component of GGI, showcases excellence in deal-making and strengthens GGI's position as a premier multidisciplinary alliance.

GGI | Geneva Group International

Founded in 1995 by Claudio G. Cocca, GGI Geneva Group International is a global alliance of law, accounting, and consulting firms. Operating in 126 countries, GGI facilitates collaboration and expertise exchange among members. It has expanded to include multidisciplinary practices, geographical regions, and industry-focused groups. Recognized for excellence, GGI's evolution includes the formation of Geneva Capital Group (GCG), specializing in M&A and contributing to global league tables.


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Our Global Approach

Our collaboration with GCG allows us to seamlessly connect with like-minded professionals worldwide, ensuring that our clients benefit from a truly global perspective in their financial decisions.

Indonesian Expertise, Global Reach

Your gateway to global excellence. Our team in Indonesia, backed by the strength of GCG and GGI Global Alliance AG, is uniquely positioned to offer tailor-made solutions that align with international best practices while catering to the specific needs of the Indonesian market.

Find GCG/GGI worldwide members location here: www.gcg.com www.ggi.com

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