Maximize your profitability with the optimal M & A Services

Mergers and acquisitions can either make you or break you. The wrong strategy can be catastrophic to your company or financial situation. It puts extra pressure on the valuation and assessment process because they are the critical components of an M&A strategy.

And Protemus Capital is more than capable of accompanying your business in your M&A endeavors. Starting from Buy-side Advisory (due diligence, valuation, and deal structuring) and Sell-side Advisory (fundraising, pre-IPO funding, and divestment).

You want to make sure a team of experts handles this critical milestone: a team that understands not only your company but the whole industry and the intricacies behind it.

Buy-side Advisory

  • Identifying Acquisition Targets
  • Financial and Tax Due diligence
  • Deal Structuring

Sell-side Advisory

  • Strategic Divestment
  • Fund Raising
  • Vendor Due Diligence

M & A
mergers and acquisitions
noun [ U or prural ]
( abbreviation M & A); (M and A)
the activity of combining with or buying another company or advising another company on how to do this:
- Mergers and acquisitions formed part of the group's growth strategy.
- Good earnings growth and continued levels of merger and acquisitions activity was expected to reassure investors about buying equities.
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